On The House!

I am really good at saying NO to this free offer and that free course. I generally like to keep my life simple, and minimize the inputs coming at me. I’m a big unsubscriber.

But recently…

I was talking to a friend who mentioned a meditation teacher and author she liked, and I jotted the name down. I looked up the teacher, really liked her and was drawn to her approach. I clicked a button and signed up for a free five day course.

Around the same time, I heard from a friend who I’d met at a dance class years ago. She wanted to let me know that this dance studio now has a subscription website of classes, and the first month is free.

Then I found myself signing up for a friend’s coaching webinar on “loving your ugly,” a class  for therapists and coaches on the importance of working with a client’s hope, and a course on running Facebook ads. The first two were great, and the ad course is coming up…

I started my day dancing goofily and joyfully around the living room. I am about to listen to a talk on joy and gratitude, with a guided meditation, and then head to bed.

I am loving this. And feeling gratitude for all these good folks sharing their wisdom and expertise with the rest of us. 

Here is what I’m thinking: I have that one last course coming up, and then I will be running new, amazingly effective ads for my coaching program. 

Now seems like a great time to put out an offer for free coaching to all of you, before I am deluged with all those new clients.

My coaching practice focuses on empty nest moms and those working to improve their relationships with their grown kids. In reality, I work with clients on anything and everything getting in their way of doing and being all they want, and feeling great about their life.

How I see it: your challenges are unique to you- so your solutions and the path to them will be uniquely yours as well. My role is to help you uncover that path. We solve your specific problems, and do so in a way that opens you up to yourself in so many ways.

So, my free offer to you: three coaching sessions, on the house. No bullshit, no sales pitch. From anywhere, as long as you have a computer or phone. Schedule now, before the deluge. Offer good until I pull it! 

Update September 7, 2020: Happy Labor Day All! Thank you to all who responded to this offer for On The House coaching. This offer has now ended. Back to regular programming: schedule a free 30 minute consultation and let’s talk about where you’re at, where you want to be, and how we can get you there! Schedule Now