Working with Katy has changed so much in my life, especially my relationship with my adult kids, now 34 and 30. My oldest, my son, is a “special” child, as I’d like to believe all children are, but his brand of specialness required a long string of special classes and therapists and doctors and specialists. I was able to shepherd him into adulthood, but the relationship ended up messy and unfulfilling, at least on my end. Though he was launched, I was constantly worrying about his choices, over helping and judging him about his decisions and relationships, feeling frustration and concern much more often than love.

The tools Katy taught me are helping me to be so much more confident and loving. I no longer feel stuck on a merry-go-round of anxiety and anger and disappointment. With each interaction with either of my adult children, I can now notice and decide how I want to handle it. I can lead myself to loving them, understanding them, and being a great support system, without interfering, lecturing, judging.

I am now having the best relationship I’ve ever had with my kids.

There are not words, or dollars, or accolades enough to express how grateful I am for this result….the one I never thought possible.


Leavenworth, WA

Katy was an absolute dream to work with!  Procrastination and self-doubt regarding my career was holding me back and that’s the reason I went to her.  We did extensive work with “The Model” and through that I was able to slightly tweak certain thoughts about myself into positive action.  Working backwards through The Model was especially helpful.  To start with my desired end result and work backwards really brought home how important your thoughts and emotions are in helping you achieve your goals.  I am now more conscious of the way I talk to myself and when my thoughts don’t serve me, I notice it faster and change it.  Katy’s guidance, patience and input has been life changing.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to not only grow in a professional capacity, but also on a personal level as well.  I can’t thank her enough!


Los Angeles, CA

Katy has a talent for cutting through the noise to get at the root problem. After big changes in my life circumstances, I felt as though I wasn’t in control of my life and how I spent my time. She helped me to understand that I was imposing restrictions and expectations on myself. By increasing my awareness of these issues, she showed me how I could have better control of my life. Katy was non-judgmental and objective. She picked one problem to focus on, then taught me to apply the techniques for dealing with that problem to other issues in my life. All-in-all, working with Katy had a very positive impact on my life. 


Deer Harbor, WA

I loved my time being coached by Katy!  She is a warm, thoughtful, and competent coach.  The model she taught me to use has been really a useful tool – it’s helped me to derail unconstructive thought patterns and to intellectually talk myself back into a place of strength and confidence. I would recommend her for anyone seeking a life coach!


Doe Bay, WA

I can’t say enough how valuable Katy’s life coaching sessions have been to me. They came at a time when I really needed tangible support, as well as concrete steps to work through a difficult time. Katy is gifted in this line of work and I am so grateful for her time.


Los Angeles, CA

Katy really helped me. My issue was emotional overload which kept me from personal growth. There was nothing easy or cookie cutter about her process. I had to become vulnerable and honest, but she wrapped me in empathy and helped me uncover strengths to use going forward. We only had 4 sessions but after each one I came away with insights, not only encouraged but empowered with real developmental tools. She was wonderful. 


Forth Worth, TX

Working with Katy is a truly day brightening experience. Katy’s wisdom, warmth and wit are powerful tools in helping make the process of rediscovery something to embrace with curiosity and joy! Katy is a wonderful guide for personal transformation! 


Deer Harbor, WA

The session was very welcoming… Katy was kind in her introduction and getting me to share. She remained thoughtful and present in the situation. The session really was about me. Katy was not prescriptive nor did she provide unsolicited advice… Instead she invited me and guided my thoughts towards my goals- not the norm’s. I also liked my homework 😉  


Deer Harbor, WA

I find life coaching with Katy to be very helpful and thorough. She has a great system for teasing out the tight spots and helping the tension and anxiety release from an area I am working on. I find her reviews extremely helpful and they wrap up the highlights so I have something to focus on for the next week. I appreciate her perspective and have experienced great compassion thru her voice. Katy is organized, on time and prepared with diagrams and poetry to help clarify her work. I am excited to be learning about myself with a coach who shows these skills. Thank You Katy.


Eastsound, WA

I love being coached by Katy. Her consistent persistence in bringing me back to my best self is what gets me results. Her sly humor is what keeps me coming back. Katy helps me find alternate solutions that are far better then what I was able to find on my own… I show up in my life as a better person. If you get the opportunity to call her your coach, take it.


Trenton, NJ

I wasn’t nervous about being coached by Katy because I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by many people.   However, I wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to meet me where I was at.   We seemed to have vastly different life experiences, situations and reference points.   From the very first session I was blown away by her ability to clear away all the non-essential elements and get to exactly the string that needed to be pulled.   Katy is, at her core, a vastly compassionate person with the wonderfully ironic humor that comes with being able to laugh at herself and, by extension, allow me to laugh at myself.   What a gift to both be able to help her clients see their flaws and come away loving themselves anyway.  If you haven’t been coached by her, do yourself a favor – at the very least, sign up for one session.  Don’t overthink it.


Boston, MA

Katy is clear, compassionate, kind, and fun to work with. I learned how to look at my life differently, taking more risks and growing toward my goal of a new career. She helped me find an actionable plan for building my confidence, as I embark on this new phase of my life. The process she uses is clear and yields results. Each session gave me new ideas and helped me deal with what was blocking my progress. I have achieved my goal of starting a blog, and I have a way to continue with confidence.


Portland, OR