…so we can’t get it wrong

I think about my friend Allie, and I have to smile. 

Her voice, her laugh, her wit; her creativity and intelligence; the depth of her love and loyalty for friends and family; her commitment to the kids she works with.

There is no one else in the world like Allie.

When I think further, I realize that last statement is true of everyone I know, and in fact of everyone. There is no one that is exactly like anyone else.

What to make of this? The undeniable truth that each human being is absolutely unique. And in fact so is every living being, human or otherwise. 

It seems to me an everyday miracle.

An amazing truth that implies unlimited possibility of life expression.

To me it says 

  • the basis of our world- the natural/spiritual world we are part of- is variety, difference, creativity, expansion
  • all of us have our own part to play 
  • all beings are completely and exactly perfect
  • our life is ours to live, so we can’t get it wrong

And you, what does it say to you?