Knot or Not?

Sometimes we feel stuck in an impossible situation. We have all kinds of explanations and evidence. We feel trapped. We see no way out.

The feeling of being trapped is real.

Are we actually trapped? 

We say: I can’t do that because of all these things. He will always, she won’t let, they’d never stand for it. I can’t leave, I can’t change, I can’t do or be or have what I want. It’s impossible, unthinkable.

What if we step back, and separate the facts from the story we tell about them?  

What if we take out the adjectives and adverbs, and let each element stand on it’s own? No embellishment, no commentary. No story.

What if we take out the shoulds and shouldn’ts, the have tos and the can’ts, the always and the nevers?

What if we take out all that we think others will do, what others will think?

Can we loosen the knot, open up a little space, and when we are ready, tell a new story?