Stepping on up

“My brain is really good at finding what’s wrong,” my client said. “I’m a chronically dissatisfied person.”

But what if our brains are supposed to look for what’s wrong, what we don’t like, what we see as a problem?

What if that was just Step 1, and then we moved on to…

Step 2, where we use that observation to identify what we would prefer instead

Step 3, where we apply our imagination to that new preference- whether it be a different job, a better relationship, a just world, a safe and healthy planet- and clarify it, feel how it feels, enjoy the feeling of that new preferred possibility. Wonder how to create that in our life. What would need to happen? Embrace the challenge of bringing this new idea into reality.

Step 4 is where we appreciate the original (unwanted) thing for it’s role in bringing onto being this new possibility we are now working on… and let go of it.

Most humans I know (including myself) have brains that are really good at finding what’s wrong. I like knowing I’ve got that step mastered, and now it’s time to see where I can go from there.