…so we can’t get it wrong

I think about my friend Allie, and I have to smile.  Her voice, her laugh, her wit; her creativity and intelligence; the depth of
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OMG I Can’t Say That!

Have you ever had an opinion that you know you don’t want to say out loud to your adult kid, something like “you’re clearly not gonna get that job you’re

WHAT!?! Stop Giving Advice to My Adult Kid?


III. What’s a Grumpy Mom to Do?

Irritation happens. What to do? In the moment: we feel a flare up of irritation. Acknowledging and allowing the emotion, we say to ourself “I feel irritated, and that’s okay.”

II. Some Good Things To Know

Attention, Moms! Whether your kids are babes in arms, are almost old enough to join the Army or maybe even have their own army of kids, sometimes you get grumpy

I. Confessions of a Harried Mom

When I had my first kid, in my twenties, I didn’t have much of a filter. I said what came to mind and mopped up any messes later. When I

On The House!

I am really good at saying NO to this free offer and that free course. I generally like to keep my life simple, and minimize the inputs coming at me.

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

…but now that your kids are all grown up, what TYPE of MOM are you?