II. Some Good Things To Know

Attention, Moms! Whether your kids are babes in arms, are almost old enough to join the Army or maybe even have their own army
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I. Confessions of a Harried Mom

When I had my first kid, in my twenties, I didn’t have much of a filter. I said what came to mind and mopped up any messes later. When I

On The House!

I am really good at saying NO to this free offer and that free course. I generally like to keep my life simple, and minimize the inputs coming at me.


Many of us are letting ourselves fall into two camps around the covid pandemic: science, anti-science. Health, economy. Left, right. Safety, freedom. Fear, obliviousness. Who among us believes there is

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself. Get outside. Move your body.  Spend time just being with yourself, listening, accepting, loving. Have a pet? They will listen to your sorrows, keep your secrets

Want a Better Relationship with Your Adult Kid?

Do you wish you had a better relationship with your adult kid?  What would it take to make it better? If you answered something like:  If she would be nicer

Can We Talk About Your Brain?

Are you feeling called to do hard things?  Things that make you feel uncomfortable, or require a lot of effort, but that you are committed to because they are important?

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

…but now that your kids are all grown up, what TYPE of MOM are you?