Endless Amazing Colors

Today I made lunch from kr@ft mac ’n’ cheese, a can of tuna and a basket of spinach just picked from our garden. It was orange and green, delicious and comforting. 

Why share this? Well, I’ve been thinking how much we sort ourselves and others into us and them, pc and not, snowflake and not, mask wearers vs non mask wearers, etc. In the news, on facebook, in conversations. We complain that others’ words and actions create division (presidents for example) but we are all doing it, absolutely including myself too. It feels good for a moment to land a dart, expose “stupidity,” feel smart and righteous… but then I am left feeling either more pissy, or just exhausted and petty. 

In any case, more separate and alienated.

And my lunch? It seemed to me to represent something. I guess I saw my lunch as a crossover: Permaculture meets mainstream. Farmer’s market meets Walmart.

Point being, we are all unique, and our lives colorful collections of what works and makes sense for us. And shifting and changing all the time. We are not Two Countries. We are not two different kinds of people. When we think divisively, we create more division.

People are, life is, ideas are, much more gray than black and white. And by gray I also mean brown, blue, green, purple, cinnamon, marigold, chartreuse, aqua, golden, rust, peach… there is no end to the amazing colors in our world. 

So I’ll be fuchsia and you be whatever color pleases you. And our lunch can be orange and green.