…I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

- John Lennon

Like you, I’m a mom.

For much of my adult life, I focused on making a home for my family to live and thrive in. Our sons are now 26 and 36 years old. They have now had many years to follow their own paths, and my husband and I have happily settled into being a household of two.

My relationship with each son is very different. Both are super important to me.

Our older son and his husband live over 1200 miles away from us- which is the closest we’ve lived to each other since he was in high school. They are both college professors.

Our younger son currently lives a short walk from us, has a landscaping business, and shares our garden, orchard and a few chickens. We work together and separately. We share resources, chores and usually a few meals together each week.

As my boys grew up, left home and developed independent lives, it became clear that many of the skills and approaches I relied on in raising them needed an overhaul.

The concepts and tools I learned when I happened upon life coaching brought a whole new level of clarity, good sense and empowerment to all aspects of my life. It reframed how I saw myself and how I related to others: my kids, my husband, and the world, really. It was like discovering there are rules of navigation, and that life makes a whole lot more sense, and goes much more smoothly, when you start to pay attention to them.

I love sharing what I have learned with other mothers who want a great relationship with their adult kids.

No one teaches us how to parent an adult kid, why it can be so hard to get along, what to do if our kids don’t seem to be “adulting,” or what to do when we feel unappreciated, unneeded or resentful. My clients are transforming their pain and disappointment into clarity, peace and pride in their kids. And in themselves for doing this work. 

I also work with anyone who wants to find their purpose, drop the drama, and enjoy their life more.

My clients bring it all to the table: their relationships, career moves, self identity, motivation, artistic blocks, family dilemmas, decision making, and life changes of all sorts.

Life can be painful, difficult and confusing, and it takes courage and hope to reach out for help. It’s my honor and joy to work with those who sense their lives can be more, and better, than they are currently experiencing. I love my clients and I love this work!

My coaching approach is to meet you where you are and help you find your path to the life you want to live. I believe that all of our “problems” are challenges that we can figure out, and learn and grow from. While I always aim to help you feel better and get clarity in your life and solve problems, I also work to build your understanding and resilience, empowering you to take life on in whatever way that means for you.

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