Katy Breazeal

Certified Life Coach

Imagine feeling

Ease and Joy

in your relationships with your adult kids.

You no longer worry. There are no problems to fix.

You know your kids will be okay, are, in fact, so much more than okay.

You just enjoy them, exactly as they are.

You are confident, sure and clear; 
proud of your parenting and proud of yourself. 

Let’s start making this a reality for you, right now. This is what my clients are doing, and you can too.

Schedule a free consultation and start moving toward ease and joy.

xox Katy

I. Confessions of a Harried Mom

When I had my first kid, in my twenties, I didn’t have much of a filter. I said what came to mind and mopped
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On The House!

I am really good at saying NO to this free offer and that free course. I generally like to keep my life simple, and minimize the inputs coming at me.


Many of us are letting ourselves fall into two camps around the covid pandemic: science, anti-science. Health, economy. Left, right. Safety, freedom. Fear, obliviousness. Who among us believes there is

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself. Get outside. Move your body.  Spend time just being with yourself, listening, accepting, loving. Have a pet? They will listen to your sorrows, keep your secrets


What my clients say…

Working with Katy has changed so much in my life, especially my relationship with my adult kids, now 34 and 30. My oldest, my son, is a “special” child, as I’d like to believe all children are, but his brand of specialness required a long string of special classes and therapists and doctors and specialists. I was able to shepherd him into adulthood, but the relationship ended up messy and unfulfilling, at least on my end. Though he was launched, I was constantly worrying about his choices, over helping and judging him about his decisions and relationships, feeling frustration and concern much more often than love.

The tools Katy taught me are helping me to be so much more confident and loving. I no longer feel stuck on a merry-go-round of anxiety and anger and disappointment. With each interaction with either of my adult children, I can now notice and decide how I want to handle it. I can lead myself to loving them, understanding them, and being a great support system, without interfering, lecturing, judging.

I am now having the best relationship I’ve ever had with my kids.

There are not words, or dollars, or accolades enough to express how grateful I am for this result….the one I never thought possible.


Leavenworth, WA

I love being coached by Katy. Her consistent persistence in bringing me back to my best self is what gets me results. Her sly humor is what keeps me coming back. Katy helps me find alternate solutions that are far better then what I was able to find on my own… I show up in my life as a better person. If you get the opportunity to call her your coach, take it.


Trenton, NJ

Once a Mom, Always a Mom

…but now that your kids are all grown up, what TYPE of MOM are you?